• Graded algebras, projective spectra and blow-ups in derived algebraic geometry (Sep 2021, arXiv:2106.01270)

Ongoing work

  • Derived good moduli spaces (joint with Eric Ahlqvist)

  • Deformation to the normal cone and blow-ups via derived Weil restrictions (joint with Adeel Khan and David Rydh)

  • Perfect blow-ups and smoothness

  • Intrinsic blow-ups and Kirwan blow-ups via derived blow-ups (joint with David Rydh and Michail Savvas)

  • Generalized derived blow-ups (joint with Oren Ben-Bassat)


  • Segal Objects in Homotopical Categories & K-theory of Proto-exact Categories (Master thesis, 2017)

  • Belyi pairs, Dessins d'Enfants & Hypermaps (Bachelor thesis mathematics, 2014)

  • Natural models, Second-order Logic & Categoricity in Set Theory (Bachelor thesis philosophy, 2014)